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• Type: SMD Downlight
• Application: Indoor & Outdoor
• Watt: 7 Watt
• Color Temperature: 6500K | DL | Cool Daylight
• Shape: Single line
• Voltage Ratings: AC 85 ~ 240V
• Warranty: 1 Year Replacement Warranty
• Brand: Rythm
• Make: China

The Rythm LED Bulb presents a high-quality SMD downlight solution, offering efficient and reliable lighting for various settings. This 7W plastic downlight is specially crafted by Rythm, a reputable company known for its innovative lighting products. The plastic construction of the downlight ensures lightweight and easy installation while maintaining a sleek appearance. With its SMD technology, the Rythm LED Bulb emits bright and uniform illumination, enhancing the ambiance of any space. The 7W power output strikes a balance between energy efficiency and providing ample lighting. Whether for residential or commercial applications, the Rythm LED Bulb is a trusted choice for outstanding performance and durability.


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